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Google Ad for Android Wear


No functionality demoed whatsoever. The emphasis is on the variety of different watches available for Android Wear, and varying personal styles of the dancers in the ad. The slogan makes the target clear: “Be together. Not the same.” I’ve seen the same slogan on an ad for Android phones too. The message: Apple = conformity. Apple is The Man. Hilarious that Apple Watch is over a month away from shipping and Google is already painting it as the watch of conformity.

I don’t think this is going to be effective, but it’s interesting in the grand scheme of Apple’s history to see their products portrayed this way.

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3403 days ago
"Think Different" was not about being an alternative to the big established companies, it was particularly about differentiating against IBM's "Think" motto, but more about style than size. Whether it later became synonymous with being different than the big gorilla is another thing, but that's not what "Think Different" is about. Thus, it still applies to Apple, whether they are big or small.
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3402 days ago
Oh FFS, only in the Appleverse is a Google ad for a Google product (Android Wear, not the actual watches) really about an Apple product.
3403 days ago
I like the "Be together. Not the same" tagline. Elaborating on Gruber's note about Apple's history, the "Think Different" approach doesn't work when you're the 800 lb gorilla. Android positioning itself as the device for non-conformists seems like a solid strategy.